Skill Files, is different and unique.

In the world of recruitment, consulting, HR practices and executive search, we have a unique approach and strong standing. Our USP (unique selling proposition) is :

- Over the years, we have built a very widespread and strong network of experienced,
passionate and qualified people in various 
industries and at all levels of the corporate ladder.

- We give additional weightage in our search process to passionate people and referrals.

- Because of our analytic background, we apply various search algorithms and
methodologies to arrive at data search results and filter them according to huge number of tweaked criteria.

- When fulfilling a client’s needs, we put ourselves in the clients’ shoes only and do things from their perspective.

- We like to work with a lot of speed, while maintaining precision. So, our service delivery is very fast and by default, interactive too.

- We readily admit as and when we tend to fall short on any parameter and go ahead and fix the problem on the go.

- We learn and figure things out along the way, if required and evolve our methodology with each step.


Welcome to Skillfiles !!!