Senior Manager – Education Scholarships – Mumbai

Senior Manager – Education Scholarships

The Senior Manager – Education Scholarships will oversee the smooth functioning of the scholarship programme through the deployment of an online application process, Plan and Follow up strategies for marketing and promoting the scholarship among relevant target groups, organize and monitor the screening process, constitute interview panels for personal interviews of candidates and supervise the due diligence process for awarding the scholarship amount ; Maintain and augment the scholar network and to engage with potential mentors ; Engage with experts in the field for sustaining a network of advisors for the scholarship programme ; Oversee the financial management of the scholarship programme ; Plan & augment the Digital Marketing efforts of the Education Vertical.

Scholarship Programme Development:
• Develop, manage the Post Graduate scholarships microsite and make them more comprehensive,
interactive and participative
• Plan, organize and carry through the preliminary selection process for the various Scholarships &
Fellowships programmes being offered
• Sustain relationships with a pool of senior academics/professionals across various disciplines as
panelists, advisors and mentors
• Planning, implementing and executing the Orientation programme for the selected scholars
Oversee all financial and scholarship administration

Partnership Development:
• Build relationships with key partners in academic institutions, research organizations, governments,
non-profits, foundations, and the private sector.
Portal & Vendor Management:
• Communicate & coordinate with vendors regarding requirements and execute work
• Maintain deadlines for the Post Graduate Scholarship Portal with vendors’ assistance
Team Management:
• Effectively manage the Education Team and steering the team’s efforts in achieving set objectives
while developing a strong Team Synergy within the team

Masters or higher degree in Management or Social Sciences will be preferred. A strong understanding of the higher education scholarship space is mandatory. 10-12 years relevant work experience, preferable in a similar environment.

High level of Integrity & Accountability, Analytical Thinking, Detail Orientation, Process Orientation, Problem Solving ability, Excellent Verbal and Written Communication skills, Excellent Managerial skills, Pressure Management ability, Innovative Thinking ability

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